The dating application landscape is broad, fragmented, and deceptive. In a world of catfishes, fake profiles, and people looking for "nothing serious", users have had a difficult time finding that special person while also wanting to be desired themselves. This case study outlines tackling the challenge of making a one-size fits all dating app that caters to the wants and needs of every individual.



Users looking for partners are lost in and endless sea of dating apps with particular niches. People are complicated. There is not one dating app that caters to the diverse wants and needs of each individual. Users struggle bouncing between multiple dating apps at one trying to find a partner. This creates a bad user experience and makes the user work more than they have to.

Additionally, dating apps feel like a one-way street. The person delivered to you may have criteria which a user won't fit. As a result, the person you fancy may not necessarily reciprocate. Users don't feel wanted when they don't receive the attention they expect. Could we design a way to ensure that users looking for partners don't feel like it's wasted time?

How might we make the digital dating experience more seamless and assuring for all users?


Competitive Research

With so many dating apps on the market, we needed to do a deep dive on the competitive landscape to see what niches the competition caters to as well as define Warmer's place as a product differentiator. 

From our audit, we learned two key things:
-  Apps utilizing a filter system do not have granular search capabilities
-  There are tons of apps on the market that cater to specific and even odd niches.



Warmer aims to solve these problems with an expansive set of filters that allow users to prescriptively select exactly what they're looking for in a partner. Anything and everything goes.

In turn, users are only paired with other users if both user's criteria align with one another. Because of this system, there's no more ambiguity with who's behind the photo. You're delivered exactly what you want while also knowing that you're a right fit for someone else. 

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