Here are some things I’ve made for fun!


Game of Thrones Live Sentiment Analysis

My friends and I were curious to see how Twitter reacted to Game of Thrones characters in real time during each episode in the last season. We used Tweepy to stream all tweets for a selected set of characters and passed each tweet to the sentiment analyzer TextBlob in order to get a sentiment score. We used react-trend to graph the data of the sentiment scores.

We went all out with the memes. A confetti of emoji’s sprang out whenever the overall sentiment of a character changed. You could also press F to pay your respects for characters who died.

I designed the site in Sketch and built the front-end. I also found a ton of funny gifs.

Live site |


Bringing back Myspace

Sometimes I get nostalgic for days past. I kind of miss the days when social media wasn’t plagued by angry trolls, Russian bots, and like-thirsty friends. Myspace was a digital wild west where none of that mattered. It was a time when all we worried about were scary chain bulletins and who was on our top 8.

I was inspired to reimagine my portfolio as a Myspace page. I designed the page by using Tom’s iconic page from 2008 as a reference and rebuilt it from scratch using React. Everything is here: odd color choices, top 8 friends, and a wall of comments living in all its web 2.0 glory.

Live site |