The Hunt

Team members: Adam Huth, Tushar Singla

Augmented reality has allowed society to solve problems and experience creative technology in a way the world has never before. However, with the exception of a Pokemon GO, augmented reality experiences are typically isolated single player experiences. The Hunt aims to create an environment where people can unite together and enjoy a fun AR spin on their surroundings and community.

People don't have the opportunity or need to engage with one another or explore their own areas in creative and interesting ways. In a world where people are siloed in their own echo chambers, people don't engage with one another outside their small bubble. 

How might we enable people to engage with one another and their community? 

Use augmented reality to create a team-based scavenger hunt that utilizes the native camera to present items geo-located through AR. Through this experience, people will be incentivized to learn together and play with their environment and objects in a way that they never have before. The hope is to increase interconnectedness in communities. 

I went straight into storyboarding the user journey under a specific need: looking for something to do within their community. Once I had a general idea of how the user discovers teammates and the experience itself,  I looked to current scavenger hunt mobile application on the market for a place of inspiration. The most notable being Questival.

I discovered that there was an emphasis on completing tasks and in order to complement this design choice their UI buttons span the screen edge-to-edge. Because most of the interaction happens between teams and with the real world, UI targets need to be large as to not detract from the real world experience. I took this piece of inspiration and funneled it into my own design. The app should not detract from the experience of solving problems with your teammates, it should only serve to facilitate the experience.